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Why use Instagram to promote your hotel? How To Delete The network is entirely image-based. Instagram is one of the most popular social networks in the world, and today has more than 400 million users – including nearly 10 million in Malaysia Phone Number List France alone. Do you want to advertise your establishment? Instagram gives you the opportunity to promote on a large scale: the platform opens up Malaysia Phone Number List the field of possibilities to the most creative Community Managers, and it is even recently possible to create sponsored publications via Instagram Ads!

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Facebook’s little protege is gaining ground and is becoming essential in any visual-based marketing strategy. Many users… and active! Instagram has more than 300 million active users every day, 46% of whom follow brands. The network also Malaysia Phone Number List the highest engagement rate of the competition: brands still record a 4% interaction rate with their subscribers (compared to 0.1% for Facebook)! Many tools to enhance your shots The primary goal is to highlight your hotel, your restaurant, your staff, your customers, your services. And that’s good! Because your goal is above all to Malaysia Phone Number List make your visitors want to come to your hotel by publishing more than attractive visuals.

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You take a  picture, you modify it as you want, you add some hashtags and you’re done! Your hashtags work like Twitter hashtags, How To Delete so they help build a community around the same topic. Sharing your photos is also very simple: in one click, you can choose to publish them on Instagram only, or also on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, or even Flickr at Malaysia Phone Number List at the same time. How to integrate Instagram into its Community Management strategy? Instagram can undoubtedly help you develop your How To Delete bookings, provided you have a well-run account. Regularly updated hotel Instagram profiles are very successful.  Instagram, therefore, offers many tools to give you cachet: improve your photos, add filters, make videos, montages…Quick and easy to use!

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