The ideal guest in the hospitality industry?

While that way you can ensure that your business is full. So don’t underestimate the complexity of a rock-solid website. A good example is the website for Hotel ten Cate in Emmen. Already on the homepage you get an idea of ​​what the room you might book might look like. You will also immediately notice a few elements that inspire confidence, such as the Tripadvisor logo and various positive reviews.

Experience in pictures

Hotel ten Cate Attention to the environment It is also highly recommended to devote a page to the environment in which your hotel is located. This keeps interested visitors on your website longer. They don’t just come your way to stay in their VP Audit Email Lists room for days. In addition, it ensures findability. In addition, invest time and energy in attractive social media posts, result-oriented online campaigns, effective newsletters and collaborations with media and important, relevant people who are in contact with your target group(s).

So schedule some

If necessary, provide professional support, because it’s not really something you let one of your employees do for a while. After all, you can only spend the money you have reserved for this once. Also read: Staying visible with your catering company right now: 11 online marketing tips 2. Connecting with the locals As a catering company, it should really be your goal this year to build a community and create a bond with your neighbours, because life will mainly revolve around home in the coming time.

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