The holidays are approaching

Use ‘Special promotions’ to highlight offers and add the [sale price] and [sale price_start date] feed attributes to pre-plan promotion price changes. If you don’t use Shopping ads yet, now is the time to start. This gives you even higher visibility among the shopping public. Tip : to make sure you don’t miss out on traffic, you can adjust your Ads spend based on historical data and annual trends.

The last quarter of a year

If your click share previously declined on certain days but search volume actually increased, that’s a sign that you can increase your budgets. Also read: 10 practical tips to get more out of Google My Business Keep cart abandoners Where you get more traffic to your website with all the previous tips, you naturally Hungary WhatsApp Number List also want to retain those who are (or have been) on your site and have them convert. And especially if they have already placed their products in the shopping cart but leave the website for one reason or another.

The last quarter of the year

That’s where email marketing and (dynamic) remarketing come in. Visitors can leave your website for various reasons: they are browsing and therefore not ready to place an order, a technical problem occurred, they encountered uncertainties regarding payment or delivery and so on. To ensure that you do not lose these people, you can set up an abandoned shopping carts email campaign for this.

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