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This allows you to determine who you want to target or exclude. To make this clear, you can apply the buyer persona technique , or conduct research among your customers. For example, after an order via an online survey. The user will become much more central. We will soon be able to rely much less on third-party providers, retargeting options, tracking users across multiple domains and the number of advertisements that people see.

Audit your current campaigns

We need to move to where our users are active to avoid budget waste and irrelevance. Step 5. Minimize data loss In addition to targeting, attribution Azerbaijan Phone Number List will also become more difficult without third-party cookies. To keep your statistical data in order, I advise you to look at alternatives for your first-party data strategy. One I want to highlight here is ‘ cookieless tracking ‘.

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With cookieless tracking solutions you can still collect data from your website (like Google Analytics does now). The difference is that the solution itself runs on the website and does not communicate with an external domain, and is therefore first-party. With this solution you can still gain insight into your statistical data in, for example, Google Analytics, or use it for remarketing purposes.

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