The firefly syndrome

ABBA releasing a new album, reminiscing about the days of Furby’s, Tamagotchi’s and TV shows like The Magic School Bus, or melancholy as you cycle through your hometown or your high school. A warm, nostalgic feeling that evokes a longing for the past is hardly foreign to anyone. And that desire is exactly what a savvy marketer taps into with what we’ve come to call ‘nostalgia marketing’.

Let consumers relive

A marketing strategy that will be widely used again in 2021 and is very effective during the corona pandemic. But what exactly is nostalgia marketing, why is it so popular at the moment and how can you apply it? What is nostalgia marketing? You probably recognize it. The memories of your high school days, the weekends when your mother or Austria WhatsApp Number List grandmother put homemade apple pie on the table, or that you listened to the latest Spice Girls single with your best friend on a discman, evokes a warm feeling full of positive associations and feelings.

pre-corona times

Also a list with ‘you know you’re a 90-ies baby if… ‘ social media makes you relive your childhood. A time when you had few worries and experienced many happy moments. Nostalgia marketing responds to trends from the past. It tries to make the consumer relive a certain moment or period, in order to create a positive brand association by linking it to external, previous experiences.

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