The fastest companies win

The leasing company noticed that some customers changed their minds during those two months. So the process had to be accelerated. And yes, with the help of growth hacking. They had about 9 ideas and it was not until experiment 6 that they came up with a good initiative. The customer can now leave the necessary information online and will immediately be offered the perfect car. This has greatly accelerated their process. What do you need for growth hacking? First of all, you need a ‘growth mindset’.

Growth hacking is about working

I mentioned it just now: you have to put your perfectionism aside. Growing means making mistakes and that allows you to grow even faster. You also need people who can look at an idea from Panama WhatsApp Number List different angles. Not only from their own position or expertise, but also from other perspectives. In addition, you will have to go through the process below. Gathering Ideas : Organize a brainstorming session and put all the wild plans on paper. Assessing ideas :

The fastest companies win
The fastest companies win

To start with growth hacking

After the session, choose which ideas are most valuable. Choose about 10 of them. Prepare experiments including goals : for these ideas you will come up with experiments. How can you test a new idea in the simplest way? Please note: the lowest possible costs and as quickly as possible. In addition, determine what result the test must yield in order to be successful. Testing : that goes without saying.😉 Analyzing data : the step that is too often skipped. Look at the data you have obtained and draw a conclusion.

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