The eye-catching newsletters from the Rijksmuseum

I would like to share one of the newsletters with you, the one in which Mark uses his daughter’s birthday as a bridge to e-commerce. ⋅ Subject line of the email below: This is what my daughter’s birthday taught me about webshops Online business newsletter By taking unusual topics as an approach and at the same time sharing knowledge for free , Mark adds a dose of originality.

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Like Bram Thiry’s previously mentioned mailings, Mark’s newsletters disprove the myth that an email should always contain concise texts. Feel free to tell a story. As long as you tell a good story. Determine an approach for your mailings and make it Honduras Phone Number List your strength Choose an approach and stick to it. That’s what the above companies do and that’s what makes them so strong. In a way, these companies turn their brand into a character, like in a TV series or comic series:

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you know what to expect and yet it’s a little different every time. Could your newsletters use a bit of originality and professionalism? Speak to a writer-loving colleague, brother or neighbor, or ask a copywriter for help. No one expects you to complete this challenging job alone. Do you know of companies that make newsletters that rise above the gray masses? Tell about it in the comments. Unique writing [training] In the Creative online writing training you learn, among other things, the importance of audience first, how you can convince with text and what the use is of deletion. Less = more! Knowing more?

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