The Evolution Of The System And

The need for a new logistics environment also arose from a further requirement: that of increasing production batches so as to reduce the incidence of fixed costs due to the equipment of the lines. For this reason, we opted for the creation of two connected logistic subsystems: one for intensive storage, based on a multi-depth system and on radio shuttle automation, and a second for distribution, equipped instead with traditional pallet racking (stocks to higher levels and zero-level picking) and all the technologies necessary to optimize picking times, accelerate lead time and make shipments faster and more efficient. Stasi has supplied various modules of the Silwa plant supervisor: starting with the core WMS module that optimizes all logistic flows, adopted by the company, to traceability and radio shuttle automation.

Silva’s Ability to Adapt

Subsequently, the project underwent changes and evolutions. Logistics systems are dynamic by their nature and must be constantly adapted to the needs of the business to ensure efficiency and responsiveness. In this case, due to a lower use than expected, Venchi decided at a later time to no  Canada Phone Number List longer use the functional block relating to intensive storage (the one based on radio shuttle technology), giving more space and prominence to the block relating to massive distribution. A very interesting aspect of this project – explains Stefano Cudicio, CEO of Stasi – is precisely linked to its dynamism. Logistics environments change over time, it is physiological and linked to the needs of the business. The highly modular and stratified architecture of Silwa has in fact allowed a transparent adaptation. To all the evolutions of the environment and will do so also in the future.

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The Results

Today Venchi uses an extremely efficient distribution system. With stocks at higher levels and automatic refilling that continuously feed them. All integrated in a system with high capacity and intensity of distribution. The redesign of the logistic system of the Italian company has brought important benefits on the most important. KPIs or on the precision of the logistic activities and on the delivery times. “We have also increased the storage capacity – adds Cudicio – which previously was rather small; we have undoubtedly eliminated shipping errors and improved time-to-market. As well as exceeding all expectations in terms of picking speed and delivery accuracy ». Among the results achieved,


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