The eight of happiness at work

Jaap Peters describes in so many words. That as an employee you once delegated your. Problems to your boss and heard what the solution was. Nowadays you have to or may find that out for yourself. More autonomy and more meaning does not necessarily. Make you happier, but it does make you happier from what you do. As an employer in the catering industry also indicates that a satisfaction survey is not what he is looking for: involvement and enthusiasm rather than satisfaction.

The energy compass

You don’t have to be sick to get well Attention to happiness at work fits in with the so-called positive psychology. An increasing attention in psychology for flow, success, focus, engagement instead of the Ghana WhatsApp Number List classic orientation on illness and friction. This does not mean that, for example, work. What can contribute to the energy, enthusiasm or involvement of an employee. That makes work pressure bearable.

The HEART model

Team atmosphere, room for regulation, trust in management and shared goals ensure that employees have and keep energy and can therefore handle pressure. Many organizations are asked whether employees experience. It may well be that the pressure is great, but that they do not experience that pressure as negative.

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