The Dopper bottles:

And how do you ensure that your content stands out and is shared? This two-day training teaches you all the ins and outs about content and storytelling and goes beyond the theory alone. You also get to work yourself! Knowing more 2020 seemed like the year of cancellations, but turned out to be the year of a shift in focus. From live events to online business events. A choice we had to make in order to be able to come together in a safe way. But organizing an online event is very different from organizing an offline event.

Setting up a digital version

The possibilities are often endless, but you have to approach it the right way. A virtual event must be a solid replacement for its physical brother. Over the past few months I have attended many online sessions and have been able to devise and organize online business events Switzerland WhatsApp Number List with our team. I noticed that there are still many misconceptions about organizing virtual business events. In this article, I share the misconceptions I’ve come across. This way you can further sharpen your digital events and be prepared as an organizer.

Setting up a digital version

A digital event costs (almost) nothing For some reason, the perception is that a physical event is more expensive than its digital counterpart. This does not always have to be true. What is true is that budgets are spent differently. Previously, a large chunk of the budget was spent on location and logistics, among other things. With a virtual variant, the costs shift to a good event platform and to creatively offering content. Whether you go for pre-recorded webinars or online live sessions:

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