The colleagues of the study

We heard from them that a Q&A via Instagram Live does not replace the real conversation with the young person for them. They miss being able to ask questions in order to get to the core of the question. So remember that Instagram Live is a good alternative for some of the contact with young people, not for all the contact. Two students looking at their cellphones on a bicycle. Photo via Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences. Practical tips In addition to preparing and involving colleagues,

Get your colleagues excited

We ultimately learned the most by just getting started. We are happy to share some practical tips from our experience: Work in pairs, from two accounts. This creates a dynamic conversation. Prepare Russia WhatsApp Number List the content and structure well together . Give an introduction, prepare a list of topics, agree on who does what, complement each other and conclude with an opportunity to ask questions afterwards. Practice this beforehand. Always use a moderator to remove possible trolls during the live session .

The colleagues of the study

This gives the young people who go live trust and support. Do not let the session last too long . 30 minutes worked fine for us. Make sure you have a good announcement in your timeline and story . Preferably a video in which the student introduces himself, with a question sticker and countdown. Also make sure you have a good announcement . For example, also in a story, containing a reference to IGTV and contact options. If you are going to do a series of live Q&As: ensure uniformity .

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