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Tim Zuidgeest takes you on a journey through HelloFresh ‘s customer journey . A response from a reader: “Nice analysis! Especially the flow in which the consumer can confirm his preferences again and again, so that everything runs very smoothly.” HelloFresh header 7. The 5 best alternatives to Mailchimp (but GDPR-proof) Software from the US is not GDPR compliant. Your Mailchimp account can therefore go in the trash, says lawyer Charlotte Meindersma. What are good (free) alternatives to this mail program?

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Charlotte and Frankwatching editor Linda Passies list 5 of them. In the comments you will find more useful tool tips and interesting discussions about Mailchimp and privacy legislation. Mailchimp logo. 6. The Telecommunications Act changes: you Indonesia Phone Number List must comply with this as of 1 July 2021 The Telecommunications Act was amended on 1 July 2021 and many organizations will have to deal with this. The biggest change in the law is the disappearance of the Do Not Call Registry, which makes way for an opt-in system.

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Read more about the most important changes and rules that you must comply with in telemarketing. Changes to the Telecommunications Act 5. 21 Free SEO Tools in a Row There are tons of SEO tools on the market. That makes it difficult to make the right choice. To help you, this article shares no fewer than 21 great search engine optimization tools. User-friendly & free. SEO-tools. 4. Influencer marketing in 2021: 5 influential trends The focus for influencer marketing in 2021 will be on authenticity.

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