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Fortunately for Spotify, they were helped on the right. Track by a glitch in the system. Due to a bug , listeners did get some songs that had already been listened to in their Discover Weekly at some point. What did Spotify see? Discover Weekly suddenly got a lot more clicks! The lesson is clear: consumers want new experiences, but they need to be recognizable. Lesson 4: ‘Never talk negatively about your own product or service’ Through all of the above mistakes, we’re back to Gerald Ratner .

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The jeweler who killed his own empire with simple jokes. Until 1991 there was not a cloud in the sky. Ratners Group grew and prospered. The company has garnered immense business success with their innovative approach to offer jewelery and jewelery at an affordable price. Due to his Spain Business Fax List successes, Ratner was regularly invited to speak at events. Likewise on that fatal April 23rd. Ratner was allowed to speak at the annual convention of the business organization ‘Institute of Directors’.

Spike your best best friend’s eggnog

A consultant had whispered in his ear to include some jokes in his speech, because people like jokes. The consultant should have mentioned directly which jokes Ratner should avoid! Also read: This is how you build the ultimate user experience with user stories The speech started well. Ratner chatted about the quality of his products and his distinctive business concept of affordable jewelry. But after a few minutes, the first joke came when Ratner said, “My company doesn’t represent wealth, and if you think about it, it doesn’t even have much to do with quality.” Unfortunately, the jesting didn’t end there.

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