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The lounge on the top floors of the Westcord Fashion Hotel in Amsterdam Afghanistan Phone Number List is not a sky lounge, but the SKYY lounge. Right next door, the huge hotel logo is constantly changing in all the colors of the rainbow. But that’s a coincidence. Or? Worth considering It is certainly worth considering as a company to show your diversity. Not only because of those 1 million Afghanistan Phone Number List potential customers. But also because of the PFLAG effect. Do it right: not (only) opportunistically during Pride Amsterdam, but also at other hook-up moments. Or better yet: all year round. For the larger companies: formulate a diversity policy and stick to it. Also join Workplace Pride.

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You receive bonus points for collaborating with an LGBT organisation, preferably Afghanistan Phone Number List with fundraising. And another tip: you don’t necessarily have to be funny. Casually showing LGBT characters in your video, billboard. Campaign is recommended. With humor you can go deep into the ship. Contact with residents is important for municipalities. But every resident is not like Afghanistan Phone Number List the other. A one size fits all approach therefore often does not work. But how do you, as a municipality, produce customized content that resonates with residents? In this article, we’ll tell you which content ingredients work well for increasing the engagement of different types of residents. Research into content ingredients ‘An entertaining way of storytelling works’ and ‘Let a resident do the talking’ were two of the tips we previously shared on Frankwatching .

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Another key message was that insight into residents helps Afghanistan Phone Number List municipalities to make informed choices when producing social media content. We will elaborate on the latter in this article. We recently conducted an online survey among a representative group of almost 8,000 Dutch people. With this research, we mapped their engagement in response to various Afghanistan Phone Number List social media posts.

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