That means, if some don’t answer

Homogeneity”, there is not 1 type of gay customer. In fact there is at least the same number of different varieties as in the ‘regular’ market, if not more! It is therefore very unlikely that the entire market segment of LGBT consumers will react in the same way to a communication, offer or advertisement. However, studies show, among other things, that gays and lesbians are strongly influenced.

How can you find them

Whether or not (!) to do their best to find a product or to purchase services, depending on the image projected and the representation used. given in the brand’s advertisements. Respond in the same wayWith the constant inequality (from pink ceiling to street violence), LGBT people pay almost Cyprus B2B List daily attention to brands that seem to be allies. More than two-thirds of these consumers said they were more likely to buy from a company they consider an ally.

how to reach them.

Often seen not only in corporate HR policies and advertisements. But also in social behaviour, recognition by agencies such as Workplace Pride or GLAAD and an LGBT-inclusive diversity policy. Marketing can play a role in confirming that image. But much is also gained from PR and social media reporting.  Both proprietary and earned – and through recommendations. Or rejections from the community and surrounding circles.

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