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Which tool should you choose? Laporta, as well as Hellodialog and Mailcamp, are excellent alternatives to Mailchimp. In this way you can, for example, link Salesforce with Mailcamp, even though Mailcamp does not offer a standard link with Salesforce. Always take a look at the possibilities that the Zapier connection offers, because it is not as extensive as a standard connection.

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Situation 1: You occasionally send an email to a small number of contacts, use Mailchimp and want to switch to a tool that is AVG proof. You have 950 contacts and send an email about 3 times a year. The pricing of the email tools varies. Hellodialog is clearly the most El Salvador Phone Number List expensive tool and Laposta the cheapest up to 2,000 contacts. After that, Laposta’s costs rise quickly and the tool is more expensive than Mailcamp. Mailcamp is relatively the cheapest tool with the most options.

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With Laposta you can start cheaply (read: free) but Hellodialog and Mailcamp are more user-friendly and have fewer design restrictions.  Mailcamp is relatively the cheapest tool with the most options. To help you one step further towards choosing a suitable e-mail tool, I outline 3 common situations.

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