That Is Farther Away From You

But at the same time, 2019 was filled with some pretty outrageous influencer moments and, we believe, the bubble burst. We’re not saying that influencer marketing is going away, quite the opposite. More money is pouring into the practice than ever before. However, companies willing to adapt to this fast-moving world will thrive, and those that refuse will be vulnerable to fraud. So, without further ado, here’s a roundup of the most jaw-dropping, shameful, and confusing influencer moments of the year. Let’s break them down and explore what they can teach us about 2020 and beyond.


The Rise of Scamstagrammer

In 2017, America was caught up in the story of Fyre Festival; watched several documentaries about failed music festivals by Billy McFarlane and Jahlul. While 2018 was all about Anna Delvey, the fake heiress who took the New York social scene by storm, as well as media darling and Theranos founder Elizabeth Holmes. This year, we saw Caroline Estonia Phone Number Calloway break out. Calloway, who initially won a book in 2015 and then lost the book deal, initially rose to fame, only to really crumble in early 2019. In December 2018, Caroline Estonia Phone Number began promoting the creative workshops she plans to bring across the country. She intends to provide each attendee with a personalized care kit, a garden in a mason jar, and a crown of orchids.

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About the Audience

Then things started to fall apart. In January, Calloway began complaining that she didn’t have room to store the 1,200 mason jars she bought for the workshop. On her Instagram Story, she shared that she regretted not being charged more for her workshop because she felt she undervalued herself. While the show did go on, in DC and NYC, guests were disappointed by the lack of substance. No care kits, no flower crowns, and no handwritten notes. Attendees declared it a hoax on Reddit, and Caroline now wears the hashtag as a badge of pride.

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