That Has to Be Your First Priority.

In June, an influencer named Marissa Fuchs (a.k.a. fashion careerist) achieved viral fame, but perhaps not the way she hoped. Her boyfriend Gabriel Grossman proposed to her in the now infamous Instagram Stories. Afterward, she ventures out to find scavenger hunts in Montauk, Miami, and Paris. At first, the internet was obsessed—everyone on the internet was talking about it. But then a promo video emerged suggesting she had planned her participation and secured sponsorship for the event.

Perception Is Reality

Without a doubt, this is the most bizarre influencer scandal of the year. What made this incident extreme was the awkward placement of Smartwater’s products. Although she insisted the post was not an ad, and Smartwater confirmed it was true, Tiffany is still remembered for Finland Phone Number Smartwater’s sponsorship. At first, people rallied to support Tati. James Charles lost 3 million subscribers in a few days, Tati gained 4 million in the same time frame. Jeffrey Star called him a “hazard to society.”

Finland Phone Number

World War 3 Is About 

In May 2019, veteran Youtuber Tati Westbrook released a vlog titled Goodbye Sister, officially ending her friendship with James Charles; Covergirl’s super-influencer and first male face. While her video goes on to talk about Charles’ copious sexual misconduct, what really ended the friendship was his partnership with SugarBear Hair, a competitor to her supplement brand Halo Beauty. Add to this the scandal of people impersonating influencers online to get free stuff that influencers can access. Another reason why influencing influencer scrutiny and playing the long game in developing influencer relationships is so important!


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