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And talk about the latest social media developments and trends. Little time? Every two weeks, the hosts update you in 15 minutes in special Social in Six episodes about the six most important social updates of that moment. 4. Create podcast At the request of Frankwatching, Rutger Steenbergen investigated the possible revenue models that are now available for podcasting.

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Before that , he talked to Nico Oud from Springcast (podcast hosting). And that couldn’t help but become a podcast episode. Highly recommended if you’re Iran B2B List making your own podcast. 5. Growth by Benthe podcast “The podcast about marketing, in which I share practical tips and tricks with you, so that you can grow with your company,” Benthe Bemelman opens her podcast episode about email marketing.

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In this podcast she shares her golden tips and systems about online marketing, strategy and entrepreneurship and she teaches you how to make marketing fun. 6. Growth food for entrepreneurs In this podcast Gerhard te Velde interviews entrepreneurs, authors and other experts in the field of entrepreneurship. The episodes are full of inspiration, insights and practical tips. Not only for business growth, but also personal development. 7.

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