Subscriptions as a revenue model?

These organizations have implemented leading chatbot solutions in various industries. Each chapter in this white paper describes how these companies solved their problems using a chatbot. This white paper gives you insight into, among other things: Why you should choose a chatbot What advantages a chatbot entails What the future of chatbot will look like in a few years 10 different chatbot success stories from international companies.

Many companies are already satisfied

Are you looking for the golden egg to achieve success with your site or app? In this free knowledge session, user experience expert Floor van Riet will reveal Manufacturing Directors Email Lists what you need to do to arrive at the right idea. He argues that by not listening to your target group, you are actually meeting the needs of this group… You will receive the recording of this knowledge session in your mailbox immediately after registration.

Attracting many visitors

He advises organizations on the use of digital and translates strategic choices into UX concepts that work. His expertise lies at the intersection of strategy and UX. He is also a Design Sprint facilitator. Attracting many visitors to the website is still an important objective of companies. And rightly so, because the last decades have shown how important it is to have an online presence. But it shouldn’t stop there.

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