still requires leadership

Until recently, we used ideas from sixties science fiction books and made them come true. I will not translate the following sentence, because it hits the nail on the head: If we take the old ideas of what the future would be, we would be building a nostalgic heritage dream. According to him, we need to be much weirder and think even further. Diversity will make the difference A pretty abstract story, not that crazy of a futurist of course. What can you do specifically?

Remote leadership

How can you prepare your team for the future without knowing what it looks like? To do that, you want to surround yourself with as many different people as possible and come up with as many ideas as possible together to maximize the weirdness. Don’t do what you’ve always Lithuania WhatsApp Number List done and ask yourself more often if the project you’re working on is still relevant (and for how long the outcome will remain relevant). Where other speakers focus on structure, Ben argues that the method to be future-proof is to increase the arbitrariness.

How do you keep your team

Maximize the chance of discovering new things. If you do the same thing every day and stick to the same routines as the rest of the world evolves, you’ll fall behind in no time. So far that you can no longer catch up with the rest. In short, when you’re dealing with an unpredictable future, you want a team that is as diverse as possible. In that case, there is always someone who can explain new developments and has the knowledge.

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