Step-by-step plan:

Which cookie settings are the most customer-friendly and/or most in line with the interests of your visitors? Your optimal cookie notification and cookie settings may be different from what you currently use on your website. Read more about the characteristics of a customer-friendly cookie notification here . Weigh these interests against each other and think about what you would like your cookie notification to look like on the front.

Internal tuning

Use the example from my previous article or a (free) tool to easily design and use a notification. There are multiple tools available to do this, such as Cookiebot . Step 2: check relevant legislation If you want to adjust your cookie settings so that Ivory Coast WhatsApp Number List they comply with the law, it is important that you know which legislation your website falls under. This is also a tricky point.

You can choose to build

For example, you would expect that a Dutch website falls under Dutch law (the AVG), and an American website under American law, but unfortunately it is not always that simple. It is not only about where your visitors are now, but also about where your visitors come from. Or, in other words, it is about the ‘ application of the criterion of orientation’ . This means that a website is subject to the laws of the visitors it is aimed at.

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