Splashes off the screen

Link building is one of the factors that is important for the findability of a website. Having enough relevant external links (also called backlinks) is also an important success factor in 2018 for a website to be found well. To facilitate the link building process, you can use this template. The backlink template describes the steps you can take to organize backlinks. Also check out this article that describes 7 insights for external link building from practice.

The perfect online pitch

In addition, tips are given to use the effect of external link building for your own website in a structured way. To knowledge base A large part of the visitors will really have to convert. Many companies are already satisfied with a relatively low R&D Directors Email Lists conversion rate of 1% to 3%, but would like to improve that. How do you guide website visitors to a purchase as best as possible, is the question? Live chat is a proven way to do that!


Splashes off the screen with a captivating and compelling story With the pitch coach of the Netherlands: Esmeralda Kleinreesink Is setting up a good presentation online one of your resolutions? And do you really want to splash off the screen? Learn to present at a high level in 1 afternoon . And say goodbye to too long, too boring, too much distraction and too little interaction… During this super practical, inspiring and scientifically based Online Masterclass, learn how to turn a 25-minute story into a short.

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