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When both departments have clear which actions. Make a lead warm enough to be approached by sales. You do not unnecessarily waste time on leads that were not ready for it. Ultimately, sales will benefit if marketing and sales work together like a well-oiled machine. With more advanced marketing automation software, you can often apply lead scoring . Lead scoring is a way to automatically find out the quality of your leads. You can assign a numerical value to your contacts.

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Contacts then receive points based on who they are (to what extent they are suitable for the product or service you offer) and how involved they are (the degree of interaction they have with, for example, your messages). Also read: Marketing Georgia WhatsApp Number List automation: preparing high-quality B2B leads for sales The higher a lead’s score, the hotter it is. Within more extensive marketing automation software you can set up that when a certain score is reached, a notification is sent to the sales team. All this without the need for manual work.

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Lead score Build a lead scoring funnel and automate the process of determining the hottest lead. 2. Connect marketing automation software to CRM software You have managed to bring in leads from your marketing activities and then transfer them to sales to close the deal. But what happens after that? Do you still have an idea of ​​how they then walk through the sales funnel? It is of course also nice for you as a marketer to know whether a lead eventually co-nverts into a closed deal.

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