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The most important thing to worry about is creating content that scores. The more people like it, the more it will appear on others’ pages. All automatic. But, how do you create fun content that scores? Be creative, funny and show something that viewers can’t find anywhere else. Take La Dolce Borger ice cream parlor for example. This ice cream shop from.

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Drenthe reaches hundreds of thousands of viewers with their fun sketches and has even been nominated for The Best Social Awards this year. What a small Costa Rica WhatsApp Number List business can be great at. 2. AR promises a bright future It’s a term you hear a lot these days: AR. But, what does it actually mean? And above all… What can you do with it? AR is short for Augmented Reality, which simply means that, for example, you see something through the camera on your phone that isn’t really there.

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For example, think of the hype from a few summers back: Pokemon Go. However, companies also use AR to market their product. And that can be easier than you think. More and more companies are using it. The possibilities are already endless, but it will only get bigger and more innovative in the near future. Take Snapchat or Instagram.

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