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partner is that before your bid goes to the auction within Google Ads, a commission is first paid to Google CSS. It all happens underwater. Google does not report exactly how much the commission is. However, several estimates have been made and the most commonly reported estimate is 20 percent. We have also taken a number of measurements and our estimate is closer to 12 to 15 percent (beginning of 2019). This is also because more stores are now using CSS partners. Also read: Google Shopping: 6 tactics for an impressive ROI As a result, with a bid of 0.80 via a CSS partner, you will join advertisers who bid €1.00 via Google CSS. There are CSS partners who also charge extra costs per click or charge different types of commissions. So you have to pay close attention to that. Furthermore, it does not matter through which CSS partner you are connected, the click discount is the same.

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Calculation example Let’s say your Google Shopping costs are 1,000 per month. The average click price is 0.50. On average you buy 1,000 / 0.50 = 2000 clicks via Google Shopping (without CSS partner). If you link your Google Merchant account to a CSS partner, Google CSS will not receive any commission and you can save up to 20% on the click price. That equates to 1,000 / (0.50 * 0.80) = 2500 clicks for the same 1,000. That’s 25 percent Paraguay Phone Number more clicks for the same money. This 20 percent is actually lower. The reason is that there are many competitors who already advertise through a CSS partner. There are also other variables that determine the click price. Choose CSS partner checklist According to our sample of 6,000 web shops that advertise in Google Shopping, more than 60 percent still go through Google CSS. So there is still plenty of room to make use of the CSS partner discount. There are more than 50 partners who can provide a link.


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Of these, 27 CSS partners are active in the Netherlands. Not all partners work the same way. Regarding the discounts, there are no differences between the CSS partners. As for the conditions, yes. Below are a few key points to consider: What costs are there? Setup costs? Costs per month? Cost per click? Has the CSS partner excluded its organic positions? Otherwise, the products will also be indexed in Google, so that the comparator will also be in the organic results and ‘compete’ with the webshop itself. Does the partner link an affiliate code (affiliate feed) through Google Shopping ads to charge per click or per sale? This concerns clicks directly from the Shopping ads. Does the partner need access to Google Ads or Google Merchant account? Are there click costs for the clicks from the comparator? Do the ads also appear in the shopping tab and is remarketing and advertising on YouTube also allowed?

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