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It allows digital creators, artists, brands and others to offer. Unique Armenia Phone Number List digital assets that only have one owner at a time. They have also opened up a whole new field of marketing for organizations in my view. Which opens up new ways to engage customers and fans. Offer Armenia Phone Number List new types of experiences, increase brand awareness and loyalty. Create new revenue streams. 1. Get rid of flippos and frequent flyer miles Not only sports clubs. But all types of organizations use NFTs to get fans more involved. For example, by giving certain benefits and extras to every person who sells an NFT, or by giving away NFTs for free to a group of fans (a so-called ‘airdrop’).

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An American newspaper gave away special tours of NASA Armenia Phone Number List  for its loyal readers. Tequila brand Patrón gave away virtual bottles of tequila. And Paris Hilton gave the audience of ‘The Tonight Show’ all an NFT as a thank you for coming. Previously, the American basketball organization NBA has been very successful by selling $350 million in NFTs of all ‘top shots’ made in Armenia Phone Number List the competition. Many football clubs such as FC Barcelona and PSV are now also issuing NFTs and the purchase of a club in England is even finance by the sale of NFTs. A wide variety of models are use here, from reward to decision, to get fans more involved.

Armenia Phone Number List

Reward by giving something extra when loyal fans buy an NFT or by Armenia Phone Number List giving a group of fans a free NFT. To be involved, for example by allowing everyone who has bought a certain (group of) NFTs to participate in the decision-making process. For example, the football clubs Fortuna Sittard and Juventus allow the owners of their NFTs to participate in the decision-making process Armenia Phone Number List about the design and furnishing of the new players’ bus. 2. The mycelium Setting up a community through NFTs can also be incredibly powerful. A nice recent example of this is VeeFriends , which was founded by marketing guru Gary Vaynerchuk. He spent just over 10,000 NFTs, all of which give access to his online community and events. In addition, they also have different properties and the rarest of them gives the opportunity for a one-on-one conversation with Gary.

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