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The word ‘accessibility’ is often use as a title in the menu and is Afghanistan Phone Number List well receive. If the information is not found in the menu, people look at frequently aske questions or use the search function. Although many participants feel that the question of whether you can enter with a wheelchair does not really fit the FAQs. search function Concrete tips. Sometimes it turns out that Afghanistan Phone Number List there is a page about accessibility. But that it is not include as a menu item. Our tip is therefore include accessibility as a menu item under. For example, ‘Plan your visit’. The information need Of all the websites that have been surveyed. Most have information about accessibility, but the information is rarely sufficient.

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Information about a physical disability is often Afghanistan Phone Number List aimed at people in wheelchairs. A physical limitation is. Also having difficulty walking or using a crutch or walker. That requires different information. Visitors with a visual impairment or visitors Afghanistan Phone Number List who are sensitive to stimuli (such as visitors with ASD or NAH) are sometimes not named at all. Concrete tips: A good way to inform all visitors with disabilities is to take the location (the park, the building, the hall) as a starting point. Then you avoid making assumptions and a visitor can determine for himself whether the location is suitable. Name stairs, elevators, disabled toilets and quiet places. Make the information as specific as possible and support it with clear photos or a map.

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Afghanistan Phone Number List

Of course, information such as bringing an assistance dog, facilities Afghanistan Phone Number List such as induction loop. Reservation of a wheelchair and employees who can support visitors on site should not be missing. Tone of voice Use inclusive language as much as possible, consider visitors with disabilities as visitors who want a day out just like everyone else. You probably mean a Afghanistan Phone Number List text such as ‘visitors with a wheelchair are also welcome’ very well, but with this you place someone who is in a wheelchair in a separate box. After all, you also don’t mention that people with blue eyes or brown hair are welcome. Concrete tips: The tone of voice is quickly sensitive, the more neutral the lyrics the better. It is best to coordinate the texts with various visitors with disabilities. Step 3: what can I do or see?

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