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They do not only look at the marketing aspect. This type also examines other business aspects: sales, customer care, finance, logistics… They convert these insights into an innovation trajectory for BuilderBob. With a focus on major business opportunities, they answer questions such as: Which business aspects could be improved? What kind of people should be hired for that?

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What kind are you looking for? To answer this question, you need to look at your own challenges. How advanced is your company in the digital field? What kind of advice are you looking for? Do you have a good idea? Then you now know which Ireland Consumer Phone List type suits you. Knowledge session Conversion-oriented writing [free tips] Do you increasingly use content such as video, podcast or infographic in addition to text?

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Don’t forget that strong texts are still important. How do you write short convincing texts so that your target group also watches / listens to your content? Or, once on the website, do not immediately drop out? Learn more about it in the free knowledge session. Something for you? Column – Not a day goes by without hearing from entrepreneurs about the importance of being unique, credible and visible. Man man man, we’re talking and writing about it. Can we stop with these empty slogans?

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