So focus on magnifying your individuality

And it’s everywhere: on our socials, our websites, in our emails, everywhere. The predominant function of the brain is to help an individual survive and thrive . So what do customers do when we make a lot of noise with our “visibility” marketing? They ignore us. Be extremely relevant How do you tackle this? It’s relatively simple: by raising the bar. Be extremely relevant to your audience.

Rather than striving for meaningful

Relevant as only you can. Clarify with value, rather than cloud with presence. If you do that from your individuality and character, you have a great Australia WhatsApp Number List chance of success with your audience. Your audience doesn’t care about your story or your content. They only care about their own. Your customer should be the hero of the story, not your brand. So focus on content that helps their customer survive and grow in their existence.

Brand distinctiveness , on the other hand,

And don’t let them burn too many calories trying to get your message across. If you confuse, you lose. Awaken your audience with real value In short: your audience doesn’t have time for mere visibility. Wake them up with real value. Make every moment of visibility one of truth. A moment when you clarify with value instead of obscure with noise. Every post is a time to rekindle expectations for your brand and celebrate your character. It’s already in you, now it’s up to you.

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