So first and foremost be authentic.

The agency of the future: a thought experiment When do you choose a compound agency? Does your company need an overarching digital marketing approach? Then a compound agency offers everything under one roof. According to a compound agency, digital marketing is part of the bigger picture. It is related to other departments within your company: logistics, finance , customer care , etc.

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This way you gain in efficiency and there is no longer a mismatch between strategy and operation. When should you consider a different type of agency? Are you at the beginning of your digital maturity? Then you would rather opt for a hands-on agency. Within that UK Consumer Phone List context, you become familiar with the digital aspect of your company. It is the ideal environment to build up evidence and experience that you can use later.

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Different case, different agency Every company needs a different type of agency. So that you have a better idea of ​​what the ideal type of agency is for your company, we look at the differences in approach. We zoom in on how each type of agency works with a customer. Hands-on agency approach The fictional company ‘Mr. Miyagi’ is a bonsai tree retailer. Unlike the product, the company wants to grow.

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