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While startups like Hopin, Run the World, Wonder and Touchcast are building the craziest virtual event environments with the tens of millions of dollars they raised in investment. What is really not possible online? What will be the added value of being physically present at an event? Taking a (mid) day off, traveling to the location, maybe even staying overnight? What is really not possible online?

Safe event environment

Do the visitors also agree with this? The online network tools are becoming more fun and effective. The sustainability discussion that travel discourages is getting stronger and stronger. The offer and the virtual possibilities have been greatly Lithuania Phone Number List expanded for the visitor in a short period of time, so it is really important to think about this carefully. Events have certainly not become less important in the marketing mix, especially in the B2B market.

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The possibilities surrounding digital advertising are becoming more sublime every day, but nothing has yet been able to replace live contact. The non-verbal communication, on which trust relationships are often based and strengthened. A large study by Forrester confirms this. We will therefore see a nice blend of virtual and physical events. The physical variant may well be more exclusive and more ‘premium’ than the virtual shell surrounding it. Shorter, more powerful and more accessible to more target groups.

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