Smooth transfer of your content

In it, various Presenters tell, for example, how to create a good content strategy, why search intentions are important for your SEO strategy and why a content migration should be more than just cutting and pasting. Curious? we get it. You can (re)watch all webinars below. Totally free. Questions, comments or request numbers? You can contact Presenter here . From customer journey to Content Journey:

Tone of voice: touché or cringe-inducing?

this is how Praxis builds content marketing ‘Content marketing, that’s blogging, isn’t it?’ No, it’s so much more. It’s about creating valuable content that really VP Security Email Lists helps your customer. Content marketers Sanne Heil and Lisanne de Vaan developed a new practical method to combine the customer journey and content map: the Content Journey. In this webinar they tell how they put the method into practice at Praxis.

Find your voice

You can read more about customer journey mapping in Lisanne’s blog ‘ The customer journey map as a compass for your content’ How do you create a good content strategy? What is a content strategy? What’s the benefit? And more importantly: when is a content strategy good and when not? In this webinar, senior content strategist Leo Oorschot answers these questions. He does this on the basis of practical examples and results of a study that he did with Presenter into content strategies in the Netherlands.

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