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To gain good insight into the reports for both marketing and sales, it is necessary to link your marketing automation software to your CRM system. Or even better: using an email marketing system that already includes the CRM. For example, the marketing team is able to easily send additional information about leads to sales, which directly helps sales to make a ‘warmer’ call.

achieve it in 4 steps

And marketing can be informed. From sales which marketing. Campaigns are working and which are not. Which CTAs and content helped convert a visitor into a lead? Reinforce Germany WhatsApp Number List each other thanks to the easy transfer of valuable information. 3. Measure, analyze and optimize Measure the performance of both departments, within each phase within the marketing and sales funnel. Think of the number of leads that marketing hands. Over to sales and what percentage of. These are ultimately approached by sales.

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Compare that data with the target that was set for. That month and also share the information with each other. This makes it easy to monitor progress and shows where there is still room for improvement for both marketing and sales. 4. Weekly consultation Communication is very important to stay involved. Build a marketing strategy together and consult frequently. By meeting weekly, you can communicate very directly with each other.

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