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Eve campaign with the black lucky cat Frummel ? For me, that was the absolute winner last year and my favorite commercial around the holidays. Difficult to top that, but the Staatsloterij comes close this year with the fairytale story of cuckoo Fritsie. The message behind the campaign is solid: happiness is even more beautiful when you share it with others. I don’t know about you, but when I first saw Fritsie’s story, I shed a tear. I think that such a wooden bird can evoke so much emotion .

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Fritsie was shown on TV for the first time on December 10. If you haven’t seen the commercial yet, watch it here: The touching story of bird Fritsie is framed by the musical collaboration between British singer Birdy and the Dutch band HEAVN. And the success formula of a cute animal, a moving story and matching music is bearing fruit for the Hong Kong Phone Number List Staatsloterij. In recent years, the Staatsloterij won the Gouden Loeki three times with its year-end commercials, starring the dog Frekkel (2018),

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the hedgehog Freddie (2019) and the adopted kitten Frummel (2020). As in previous years, TBWA/Neboko was again responsible for the development of this Christmas campaign this year. Which animal will we see in the Staatsloterij campaign next year? I’m curious. The December campaigns success formula is simple (and therefore trite) You see a few elements every year in commercials and campaigns around the holidays. I don’t want to disparage the hard work of all the creative minds behind this year’s December campaigns.

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