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Someone who takes a detour.What developments in online marketing can we expect in 2022? We are curious! Making choices in the large online playing field Online marketing is hot and the possibilities are endless. If you want to learn how to organize your marketing mix even better and then position your brand even better cross-media, this training is for you! Get to know the most important parts of digital marketing: from social media to web analytics. And from email marketing to advertising. Find out if it’s for you.

Will 2022 be the year of truth?

Many changes are coming for the B2B marketer of 2022. There is more focus on data, recruiting people is becoming more difficult and we are using more and more tools that are (finally) integrated. In 2022, the marketing budget of B2B marketers Italy Phone Number List will be around 10% of turnover. That is a considerable amount and all the more reason to list the 5 trends for the new year.

With the increase in marketing budgets

It is no longer news that marketing in B2B is increasingly similar to B2C, but the focus areas of the average B2B marketer are certainly different. In the B2C market there is a lot of focus on e-commerce and branding. In the B2B market, the focus is on a number of other areas. What is striking is that lead and demand generation is number 1 when it comes to focus area, but that at the same time more than 63% of marketers indicate that their marketing department does not have sufficient in-house skills in this area.

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