Should Picnic be concerned?

They have not been able to make this model profitable to this day.” So will these new players in the market succeed? Also read: Catchy title? Use These 200 Powerful Words To make the concept profitable, a huge amount has to be sold. And the only way to achieve that is to place multiple ‘dark stores’ per city. Every consumer has to live (for example) two kilometers away from a distribution center.

In addition, the range will have to be expanded

Otherwise, the delivery services will not be able to keep their 10-minute promise. In addition, the range will have to be expanded. You cannot order all your groceries from these delivery services. This mainly concerns popular products. That is also the Indonesia WhatsApp Number List reason that Picnic was on my doorstep again yesterday. I order weekly groceries there (occasionally). Gorillas I only engage in haste or laziness.

To make the concept profitable

And an extra advantage: they deliver beer and wine chilled. So don’t you have anything for a drink? No problem Should Picnic be concerned? Picnic delivers the next day and flash deliverers are there within minutes. That is of course a big difference. But should Picnic really be concerned? Probably not (yet) . Picnic is of course much larger in the Netherlands, and they also deliver to suburbs and villages.

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