Short and Long Term SEM

Do you need customization? What is your budget? Important for SEO, is there an opportunity to blog? Can you work with a multistore, for example with retail integration? Which links with which types of software are possible? What design options does the package offer? To what extent are the platforms mobile friendly? Also pay attention to user experiences such as the service level of the platform.


3. Logistics without worries No webshop without logistics. Earlier I indicated that the central question here is: am I going to do it myself or am I going to outsource it? Before you can answer this question, it is good to think about what exactly Cyprus Phone Number List the differences are between these two ways of working. What are the pros and cons of ‘doing it yourself’ versus ‘outsourcing’?

Less feeling with your product

Benefits of doing it yourself: More sense of control Lower costs Disadvantages of doing it yourself: more labor High insurance costs to cover inventory risk Benefits of outsourcing: Gives a sense of freedom Later cut-off time More time left for marketing, for example Carefree stock management You don’t have to be in the office Lower shipping costs due to higher shipping volumes Easier to scale Disadvantages of outsourcing:

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