Shift towards ‘first party data’

For many companies, this can be the signal to review their strategy and think about how they can manage user data themselves. A first party data strategy seems like a logical next step in digital marketing . Companies that want to stay ahead of the trend, therefore, had better prepare for that future. In B2B you can say that marketing is often sitting on the couch. In Exact’s case, they do put marketing at the forefront.

The role of marketing within Exact

They invest a lot in marketing teams, their community and events. Richard Francis (Marketing Strategy & Operations Principal) explains the structure of the company in great detail in the latest HelloMasters Podcast. This time in the Romania Phone Number List podcast no chief marketing or a director. One of Exact’s marketing leaders. Richard Francis talks about B2B marketing and their SME community.

In this HelloMasters Podcast

Exact: the accounting system of SMEs For those who are not in the numbers. Exact is the accounting system for SMEs. It was built in 1984 by a few tech students in Delft. Since then they have grown into a multi-million dollar company. They serve 500,000 customers and have 1,850 employees. Richard Francis was born and raised in England. After a few years of traveling around the world, he stayed in the Netherlands and never left.

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