Set aside concrete time for meeting

Important realization: it is not a non-commitment. It is a basic need that you must be met. Connection is no longer a nice-to-have, but an absolute must-have. Leaders who have even a little empathy know that it is precisely now that they have to give their employees the space to connect with each other. Online or offline, it doesn’t matter. The main incentive in this? Give them – concretely – time for this. Give employees the opportunity to meet: come together without having to.

A person has different needs

By making concrete time for this, you make it important. And the realization that connection is no longer a nice-to-have but an absolute must-have has hopefully descended in the meantime. Link 3. Create Rituals to Create Connection An CIO& CTO Email List organization is really nothing but a collection of individuals who come together to get something done. And where there are people, there is culture. The question associated with this article is: is the culture in your organization one that realizes connection?

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The study of cultures, anthropology, shows what distinguishes cultures from one another. And more importantly: what connects people within a culture. rituals. One way to ensure that connection is created in a way that is also specific to the organization is by creating rituals that fit the (desired) culture. By far the best way to achieve this is by aligning rituals with the core values. Every organization has set certain values ​​at some point. The assumption is that if we work through that ‘compass’ of core values, the organization will succeed in achieving a mission.

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