Segments are accessible

Conclusion successful market segmentation Looking at the 6 theoretical conditions for successful market segmentation, we can conclude the following: Homogeneity within the segment does not exist. Heterogeneity between segments may exist, but not automatically for all products and services. The size of the segments is measurable, but many estimates are just that: estimates.

target group as an organization

However, we can limit the options to acceptable numbers. Segments are accessible if approached in a smart and credible way. The target segment is large enough to be profitable. There is a lot of noise here, but even with conservative estimates it can be concluded that there Hong Kong B2B List is plenty of money to be made here due to the high discretionary purchasing power. Does it respond to a market stimulus in the same way?

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No, it doesn’t, but there are ways to fix that (up a level, so a more general approach. Or a level down, so a more segmented approach). Marketing the rainbow A ‘standard’ target group segmentation. Will certainly not work Conclusion: not all six theoretical. Buy email list from latest database. Will certainly not work. However, with thorough market. Research and a feeling for this market, success can be achieved.

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