Revenue marketing is increasingly

Percentage of marketing departments that lack lead generation skills. Bron: B2B Benchmark 2021 – Marketing Guys. 1. Recruitment marketing will take on a more prominent role Last. Week it was announced that unemployment in the Netherlands has reached its lowest level ever. In America there is already talk of the ‘ Great resignation’ , in other words: more and more employees are resigning voluntarily.

becoming the norm

During the start of the corona period, everyone was happy to remain.  The unemployment rate in the Netherlands is currently around 3%, and within B2B people can easily Japan Phone Number List find another job at the moment. That is something that applies in many functional areas. Not only within IT, but also sellers and technicians are scarce .

Operational challenges

It will therefore also become increasingly difficult to find people in the B2B sector. The focus will therefore increasingly have to be on recruiting staff, in addition to the primary task of finding new customers. Marketers still consider the latter their primary task. The most frequently mentioned tasks of B2B marketers. Bron: B2B Benchmark 2021 It is noteworthy that recruitment. Marketing is the least mentioned by B2B marketers as a primary task.

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