Resilience is needed at this time

Author of 3 books, including Designing intranets: creating sites that work (aff.). James is a keynote presenter at events around the world. “Resilience is needed at this time. Zoom fatigue exists and we miss the micro-interactions at the coffee machine and in the elevator. We do what it takes to be productive and tools can really help. But then they must be purpose-driven and attuned to the needs of employees.

You can’t solve everything

The danger now is that we put technology first again, we have to be vigilant about that.” Do the right little thing You can’t solve everything “The digital environments we Indonesia WhatsApp Number List offer are often too complex. You can find out by walking with your employees for a few days. You will soon get to know the users of your platform and identify a few things that you can tackle right away. But beware: you can’t solve everything.

The digital environments

Start small, do the right small thing . Take something that really helps your employees and take it from there.” Curious about the other ideas James Robertson has regarding the digital workplace? Watch the entire interview below. Watch the interviews with the other thought leaders here . Open Up Digitals is a series of video interviews with thought leaders from the world of digital transformation and the digital workplace.

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