Screenshot of the sneaker account @air_beau23 on Instagram. Source: air_beau23 on Instagram. B For many collectors it is an art to post beautiful photos themselves in which their shoes play the leading role. The number of followers of these accounts can reach into the hundreds of thousands. Sneaker giants reach millions of potential customers without spending a single cent.

Resell: the market

It is striking that there is rarely a face on the profiles. Never linked to someone’s personal life. On the one hand, this reinforces the role of the shoe. On the other hand, this is also a safety Cook Islands B2B List measure. Screenshot of the sneaker account @NikeairM3II3r on Instagram. ‘Sneaker circle’ – source: @NikeairM3ll3r on Instagram. greed for collecting A shoe does not just become a popular collector’s item.

The moment of truth

This is preceded by a well thought-out process. What works for kids at Pokémon (Gotta catch ‘m all), works the same for sneakerheads. A good example is the release of various ‘packs’. A series of different sneakers with a specific theme are released in phases. What it always does well is a shoe designed in collaboration. With an artist, artist or athlete ( collab ).

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