Remove the Phone Film Case

We really don’t know why people still choose to guard (protect) their phone screens. Today, the quality of screen glass has become very good, and the screen is scratch-resistant anyway. So there is hardly any required screen guard. Sometimes, the screen guards get scratched and blurred; causing the phone’s touchscreen to malfunction. You should try removing the foil Spain Phone Number List and see if the touchscreen works again. Note that you will not be able to apply for the same screen guard again. Also, some screen guards require a professional to peel off the screen. So, if you can’t easily remove the screen guard, take your phone to a professional to get the removal guard. Remove the Phone Film Case.

Tap The Tap!

If you’ve recently dropped your phone, it’s hard to plummet, and there’s the possibility that the screen calibration gets interfering and/or the screen digitizer cable becomes loose. You can’t do more than just tap the four corners of the screen in hopes of getting the alignment back into place. Surprisingly, this trick works in many cases. Just tap the four corners of the screen with your knuckles or fingertips. Tap each corner 4-5 times. Do It Up To Get Touch Screen Jobs! If you drop the phone after the water and the touchscreen stops working; you should turn off your phone.

Now, remove the SIM card, memory card and battery…also remove anything else that is removable. If it’s easy you can turn on your phone any further – DO it (just don’t break anything!). Now spread these parts (including the screen) in the sun and let them dry. Most phones are not fully waterproof. As a result, moisture can penetrate into your phone and block the function of the touchscreen.

Hard Reset Your Phone

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Spain Phone Number List

If the touchscreen still doesn’t work as expected, it’s time to hard reset your phone. This option will set your phone back to factory settings (you can call it formatting your phone ). Using this option will delete all data from your phone. You will lose everything, it will have internal memory. This will be gone forever.

All messages, contacts, apps, bookmarks, photos, videos, songs, ringtones…everything will be deleted. Essentially, this option will keep your phone just the way it was when it was made in the factory. So, don’t forget to take a backup before you do a hard reset. If none of the above methods work, you should take your phone to a professional/service center and get the touchscreen repaired.

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