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The internal cement The future of working is remote . So it is useful to act on it now. Although I do believe that people are not going to work completely from home. The surveys among employees and employers. About working in the post-corona era do not lie. Events are then a great way to keep and stimulate involvement. Engagement leads to higher profits, better individual growth and 90% less outflow , according to studies by Forbes and Hayes .

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For Adobe, internal events are even part of the big strategy. Since the company found in its own research that 75% of employees. Indicated that they were not using their full creative potential. Also read: We wish you warm holidays & thank you! I have recently seen the most amazing Dubai Business Fax List examples within organizations. From setting up internal awards to highlight and honor individual colleagues, to events that highlight and discuss all aspects of corporate culture , to bring out an even more unambiguous, more powerful story. Something that is very important as an organization in these times:

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Letting you know where the distinctive character lies and what you stand for. Slack, Trello and Teams aside, there are great tools to let the creative process run its course virtually in breakout sessions , such as Ideaflip , Mural and Miro . In the beginning I noticed a lot of resistance to virtual creative work, but because the mandatory home working period for many organizations is becoming longer, many people are still giving in. Here too there are many wonderful examples of how complete hackathons have been successfully facilitated online with a multitude of breakout sessions and creative cocktail nights .

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