Recovery Of Excise Duty

Generally speaking, excise duty is for the production and sale of certain consumer goods, including alcohol, cigarettes, and energy products. Compared to other forms of taxation. Unlike other forms of Denmark Phone Number List taxation (such as VAT) excise duty. It does not affect the value of the goods produced or sold but on the quantity consumed. it is applied on the basis of different rates for each type of asset

What Are The Energy Products

The excise duty on energy products is a tax that affects the value. Consequently, taxation also applies to all fuels such as petrol, Denmark Phone Number List diesel, methane, butane, or kerosene. Representing a fixed share of the final retail price, the value of the excise duty on fuels differs according to the use that the buyer intends to make of it. In general, it is higher for Denmark Phone Number List transport and lowers for heating.

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Exclusion Or Reduction Of Excise 

The European Union has established the general principle that energy products used for production activities in all member countries must be subject to an exclusion or a reduction in excise duty. Each Denmark Phone Number List country of the Union, therefore, has transposed and adopted the measure differently. For Italian companies, this type of tax relief is not automatic. The beneficiary companies must make the request explicit on a quarterly basis. Submitting a declaration to the Customs and Monopolies Agency responsible for the area. Will issue a Denmark Phone Number List specific authorization.

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