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What steps do you need to take to organize all this properly? Plan Maarten Kolkman Head of Customer Service (EVP) Rabobank Frank Buytendijk Distinguished VP & Gartner Fellow Gartner Hedwich the Great Audience and Measurement Specialist Google Patrick Klerks Founder Online Smarty Lisette Gouda Lead Personalized Marketing ANWB Jaap Jacobs Managing director / owner Fingerspitz Jan Hendrik Fleury Chair DDMA Commissie Data.

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Decisions & Engagement Ward van Gasteren Growth Coach Grow with Ward Eric Lippens Owner Results and More Jeroen Rutten digital marketer VGZ Joanne van Vulpen digital marketer VGZ Ronnie Overgoor Chairman of the day Data-driven Design Directors Managers Email Lists marketing Personalization Conversion lead generation More names to be announced soon! Tickets Super early bird € 195 2 more days Tickets Early. Buy Design Directors Managers Email Lists from latest mailing database.

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Tickets Prices are exclusive of VAT Recognition & accreditation Registered service provider Flanders SME portfolio 350+ participants 8 avg. review 10+ keynotes & expertsessies 15+ speakers Growth Marketing Event has previously been visited by: This is what they and other participants say about the previous edition “The program was very well put together.

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