Rebooting Influencer Marketing

In a few months, Traackr will be 10 years old. There were a few defining moments along the way, but today marks the biggest inflection point in influencer marketing technology. Anyone who comes close to Algeria Phone Number me knows that I hate fluff, so using these words may seem unnatural; but the truth is, Traackr is introducing something so revolutionary that it will forever change the course of the influencer marketing landscape and become more Okay.

To this day, no organization has been able to know if their influencer marketing program has had an impact. There are ad hoc activity reports from many different sources, or in some industries, black box metrics like EMV have been used as a stopgap measure. However, no one can confidently answer the question, how is my brand performing among influencers today and what can I do to improve my status?

The Influencer Market Benchmark

Today, Traackr released the Influencer Market Benchmark (IMB), a measure of the impact of influencer content on brand performance. For the first time, brands will be able to measure influencer strategies accurately, consistently and most importantly, transparently. This is a pivotal moment for the influencer marketing industry, as until now, there were no commercial standards to measure the scale impact of influencer investments. The lack of reliable Algeria Phone Number metrics for influencer marketing has been a major hurdle for large organizations.

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A New Standard for Measuring

This is not uncommon for new practices. Brands always start by experimenting with small-scale projects in different pockets of their organization. These change agent teams are seeing early signs of success; but as investment increases, so does the requirement for consistent measurement related to business results. In the case of influencer marketing, brands have Algeria Phone Number been hitting a wall for years. No one can measure influencer marketing in a consistent way, and it prevents the practice from expanding. Over the past few years, we’ve worked with some of the biggest brands in the world as their programs grew from hundreds of influencers to tens of thousands.

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