Qualification through the webinar

Listeners enjoy getting involved and seeing poll results. On the other hand, you collect valuable data about the listeners. The poll, chat and engagement data are all individually stored in the software. A gold mine to qualify soon! Step 6. Make an offer (CTA) What do you want to achieve during the webinar? Make sure you offer an offer they can’t refuse , which is supportive of your objective.

It is often assumed that marketing generates

For example, if you would like to contact a prospect, offer a free audit (in B2B). It must, however, represent real value. A fake offer is immediately apparent to the listener. You can also make an offer that is only valid for listeners up Veterinary Email List to 48 hours after the webinar with a specific code. The latter happens a lot in business services. Step 7. Follow-up plans with sales & marketing It really only starts after the webinar for marketing and sales. From marketing you ensure a follow-up via email marketing.


Inbound marketing 

It is good to start a drip campaign . Make sure that you really use the data you have collected before and during the webinar to personalize. This goes to the extent that you send people who have answered ‘A’ to a poll question a different email than people who gave a different answer. The drip campaign must further nurture visitors for sales. On the other hand, with this approach you also have direct insight into the quality of the leads and you can (based on step 5) make a shortlist with hot leads for sales.

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